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Our Services

  • Full Grooming Package

    Our full grooming package is suitable for all breeds of dogs and includes :

    • Pre-groom assessment and brush through
    • Bath and dry
    • Clipper/Scissor style & finish as per breed requirements or owner’s specification
    • Hygiene trim (hair removed from the eyes, ears and ‘delicate’ areas)
    • Nails cut
    • Ears cleaned
    We can also carry out expressing of anal glands during the bathing process if required
  • Bath and Tidy

    Recommended for ‘in-between’ full grooming to maintain a healthy, glossy coat. Includes:
    • Pre-groom assessment and brush through
    • Bath and dry
    • Hygiene trim
  • Puppy groom

    This package is designed to introduce your puppy to the world of grooming. Includes:

    • Pre-groom assessment and brush through • Hygiene trim
    • Nails cut • Bath and dry
  • Bath and blast

    For short haired breeds only (excluding Labradors)
    This is a speedy service for those who want to give their dog a spruce and freshen up but don’t have a lot of time!

    Your dog is washed and blast dried until the coat is ’touch dry’.
    The whole process usually takes no more than 30-40 minutes depending on the size of the dog.

  • Nail clipping

    …an appointment is not always necessary for this service.
  • A bath not needed?

    Sometimes your dog just requires a trim of the eye area, feet and also delicate areas.

    Hygiene trim

    The hygiene trim can be done without bathing and also takes less than 15 minutes for a well behaved dog.

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